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Big Heart Machine is OUT NOW!!

The BHM album has been out for a few weeks now, and I have been astounded by both the critical acclaim and personal feedback! Here are some choice quotes from the press:

"The suspenseful, layered music can sound like migration in motion or a wisp of twisting smoke" - The New York Times

“Saxophonist Brian Krock writes arrangements for his kaleidoscopic Big Heart Machine that transform backgrounds into foregrounds and vice versa. The band’s eponymous debut...couldn’t sound more luminous or robust.” -The Village Voice

"Synths ooze out of the music to become suddenly dominant…this album is every bit as adventurous and cognizant of a world beyond jazz as the work of Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society." -

"The invigorated 18-piece orchestra negotiates Krock’s vibrant twists and turns with playful ease as the lush horn harmonies of classical and jazz converged with frenzied rhythms, avant-synthesizer stretches, idiosyncratic dissonances, pop grooves and blistering guitar blasts by longtime collaborator Olli Hirvonen" -Downbeat

I was also surprised to find BHM featured on editorial playlists- both "Jelly Cat" and "Dipsea Steps" were featured on Spotify's The State of Jazz and Apple Music's A-list: Jazz, and we were featured on Bandcamp's Best Jazz on Bandcamp. To see my baby included amongst musicians that I have studied and admired is gratifying to say the least! Plus, those playlists have really given us a boost. We've been streamed about 150K times in 70 different countries, included on over 200 playlists, played on the radio, and have sold a surprising number of physical copies of the recording. Thanks to all of the critics/reviewers/fans who have taken the time to engage with the music via listening/writing/blogging.

The shows supporting this release have been overwhelming experiences for me. We sold out two sets at the Jazz Gallery in NYC, and came close to selling out Constellation in Chicago. Over the course of these performances, 36 musicians learned two hours of my music! I was humbled to witness how hard everyone worked- practicing, traveling, listening, rehearsing... THANK YOU to all of the musicians, venue staff, and family that have been involved in making these shows a reality!

There is one more release event in NYC coming up this Friday, Sept. 14, at Nublu 151. I set up a double-bill there with the great vibraphonist Sasha Berliner and her quartet. BHM will be just one special set... I can't go too much into detail, but this will be something new for us, and you don't want to miss it. Also, I'm writing a new song that is tentatively titled "Recessive" and is inspired by the great Hermeto Pascoal.

There are some cool BHM events in October- including a collaboration with the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra at the Levine School of Music. Tickets are available here.

My quartet, liddle, is playing for the first time at Cornelia Street Cafe on September 19. I'm excited to have the great drummer Devin Gray joining us for this hit!

Okay, that's enough for now. Thanks everyone for the continued support!


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